About traveling for photos that will delight

Would you like to make your loved ones happy or surprised by your photos from trips or vacations? And you don't know how to do it?

I was often bothered by the fact that my photos only slightly resembled to beautiful places I visited and were far from being able to arouse the enjoy I felt when taking them. I came back from places I only visit at once in my life, and some of my pictures were a big disappointment to me. I started looking for answers to a number of questions about landscape photography, and I tried to figure out why my images were faraway from my expectation for good photography. I spent a lot of time discovering my own mistakes and finding a way to reach better pictures. While getting acquainted with various photographic techniques, I visited the Internet many times and looked for solutions to the photographic problems I was facing. It cost me a lot of effort, a lot of time, and I went through many blind paths of trials and errors. Like almost everyone who learns and discovers something new.

Photoblog in different way

While studying various photographic techniques, I came across tutorials and procedures that worked on sample photography but did not work on my photographs. And from this experience came my idea to build this website a little differently than we are used with most photoblogs. I'm not going to write here about how to set the white balance in detail in the Lightroom or how to set up sequential shooting on a Nikon SLR camera. Here I will focus on more general procedures, in which I will describe not only how, but mainly why to take the given step. Understanding these steps will then make it easier for you to use them in practice. I will focus mainly on the description of the principle of individual steps. They will be described more generally, regardless of the editing software or photo equipment used. Subsequently, it will be easier to apply them according to your needs.

Gradually, I will introduce you to a comprehensive system of steps that will guide you from planning the shooting through taking the picture up to its further editing before the final presentation.

Blog sections

All my posts on this site are assigned for better orientation into 3 sections, which cover the main areas of travel and landscape photography:

In the travel section Photo scouting I bring tips on interesting photo destinations or I answer questions about preparing a photo trip or photo tour. In section Photo shooting I'm presenting techniques that I think will help you get the best shots in the field. I deal with composition, camera settings, choosing a suitable lens or appropriate photo procedure when taking pictures.

Due to the fact that photography, unlike the human eye, still has a number of limitations, such as lower brightness range or poorer adaptability to light conditions, I cannot avoid the field of post-production. It is able to successfully compensate for many of these shortcomings. In the section Photo editing I introduce you to the procedures that will help you achieve the final fine-tuning of the image and thus better transfer your experiences to the viewers. If you want to tell a story and share emotions with a photo that does not talk or move, post-production brings the right tools to achieve such a goal. These tools include suitable composition, color tuning or working with color or luminance contrast, and many other techniques.


You can find many tutorials in the form of video tutorials on the Internet, but I am convinced that written form is more suitable for the content of these pages. When working with text, the reader can quickly go through the whole article and can easily and quickly get an idea of ​​its content. It is also very easy for the reader to return to important passages. The article thus becomes a clear and useful guide. Most of the articles are designed in this way, they contain an explanation of why and how to proceed in individual steps.

In addition to blog posts, you will also find examples of my photos on this website. I believe that their viewing can interest or inspire you. Any photo from the gallery can also be purchased as a photo print.

This photoblog is intended mainly for beginning photographers and all those who do not have enough time to watch dozens of videos and articles about photography on the Internet or in magazines, but also want to further improve their photography skills. I only describe here the procedures that I have verified in practice by myself, I use them and I consider them so important that I can recommend them to you with a clear conscience. This will allow you to focus more time in peace on your own photography. Photography should be mainly fun and joy and I would like to help you.

If you are looking for a simple and clear guide on the road to a beauty of landscape photography, I believe you are in the right place. Feel free to check out more posts or visit some of my photos right now in my Gallery.

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