9 tips for woodland photography

Rašeliniště Rejvíz

Autumn brings wonderful colors and morning mists often evoke a very romantic atmosphere. Ideal conditions for photography in the forest, which will allow you to create a fairytale mysterious mood in photography. In the following post, I will provide some tips to help you capture these extraordinary…

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White balance easily

Zima - vyvážení bílé ručně

Surely you've already faced a situation that the picture you took had an unnatural color cast. It can be, for example, a color tuning to blue or orange, but in any case it is an unnatural color appearance. How could it …

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Journey to waterfalls

Údolí Skalního potoka

Waterfalls are a popular destinations for landscape photographers. Their pictures are characterized by natural dynamics and attractive contrast between predatory water and peaceful surroundings. But how to find a way to see lesser known waterfalls? Many photographers deliberately conceal the exact location of the waterfalls. They don't want to...

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About traveling for photos that will delight

Chudobínská borovice

Would you like to make your loved ones happy or surprised by your photos from trips or vacations? And you don't know how to do it? I was often bothered by the fact that my photos only slightly resembled to beautiful places I visited and were far from being able to arouse …

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