Martin Kronika - foto

All my life I've been trying to create something that has a deeper meaning, that helps others and that maybe stays here for future generations. For more than a quarter of a century, I have been building production plants and production lines for one company. And it made sense to me. I was trying to create something of value. Then suddenly, one day, it all ended...

I realized that link my working life path to work in only one company has its risks. And I felt it's a time to move in different direction. Suddenly I started looking at my life with different eyes. I decided to fully experience everything I didn't have much time for during previous years. Stay in nature, travel, take a photos. Once again, I could joyfully feel a smell of a freshly mowed meadow, listen how the forest sings and see what beautiful stars are in the mountains. And I realized how much I miss it.

I've been taking photos for decades. But when I tried to capture all the beauty around me, I realized I couldn't do it. I understood that even good photo gear wasn't enough to make a picture that telling a story, to record my feelings that I had at the moment of taking my picture. The magic of emotion was often missing. So I started again learning to take pictures, to take pictures in different way.

I've found that there is no simple recipe for creating a good image. And I understood that all beautiful images I can see in galleries, in books or on the web were not created by chance. There was a difficult journey to create them.

I would like to share with you my experience from my journey to photography. I would like to explain the techniques that will guide you correctly on the way to create a beautiful photo. Perhaps it will help you to tell a story by your photos, convey emotions or even excite and delight. Such images make sense of photography.

Photography can tell whole stories. Well used on the website, it speaks to your friends, business partners or customers. I am therefore attracted by the designing of web sites that can use photos to present the experience and knowledge of a skilled craftsman, to offer the products of a good confectioner or to attract visitors to a family pension. For me, it is another meaningful step on the way to the photography that will delight. 

And because in my life, photos are mainly connected with landscape, nature and travel, I would also like to show you my pictures from my travels to nice places on our beautiful planet.

Hope you will be also happy with photography as I am. 

The photography captures wonderful moments of life, so let's enjoy it wonderfully.